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Our Philosophy

Empowering Your Return to Health

At Conduit Holistic Health, our approach to your health is unique. We go beyond what most functional medicine clinics offer. As a chiropractor first, Dr. Clay is uniquely positioned to provide a deeper layer to your functional medicine journey by incorporating bodywork into your treatment plans. We integrate chiropractic care with somatic healing, utilizing breathwork to foster a profound connection between your body and mind. Additionally, we harness the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques and HeartMath to help you reconnect with your emotions and achieve emotional balance. We offer care for those seeking to manage specific conditions and those embracing preventive wellness. Our treatment plans are designed in collaboration with you, ensuring changes are manageable and effective for lasting results.

Dr. Clay seated on an ottoman and smiling at the camera in the treatment room.

About Dr. Clay

Dr. Clay grew up in rural New Mexico with a family who placed a high value on holistic health. Food, nutrition, and mindful movement have been interests of his from a very young age. He always knew he wanted to work in healthcare but could have never predicted the path he would take to opening his own holistic health clinic.

In his early twenties, Dr. Clay experienced, first hand, how ill-equipped our current medical system is to handle unexplained and chronic health conditions. Following a host of concerning and unexplained symptoms, ranging from gastrointestinal issues to widespread pain, Dr. Clay began a journey to seek answers. It seemed that when no obvious answers were available, many practitioners would simply refer out to another provider, a different area of expertise. It wasn’t until he was referred to a functional medicine provider that Dr. Clay’s health concerns would be thoroughly investigated. The healing possible following this meeting was what ultimately sparked Dr. Clay’s passion for helping others heal through functional medicine.

When you meet Dr. Clay, you will immediately sense his authentic joy and compassionate spirit. He strives to foster a sense of fellowship and trust with every patient, and thus goes by his first name. To ensure he is always providing the highest standard of care to his patients, Dr. Clay seeks out relevant and approved continuing education, participates in individual study of current peer-reviewed literature, and fosters relationships with experts in the fields of functional medicine, chiropractic care, and all things health and well-being.



Bachelor of Science in Nutrition - Texas Tech University, 2017

Master of Science in Neuroscience - Parker University, 2020

Doctorate of Chiropractic - Parker University, 2020

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner - Functional Medicine University, 2022


Certifications & Training

Level 1 Yoga Teacher - YogaFit, 2013

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation - Functional Movement Technologies, 2018

Functional Endocrinology - Apex Seminars, 2018

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry - Apex Seminars, 2018

The Development and Aging of the Brain - Apex Seminars, 2018

Functional Breathing Course - Breathwrk, 2022

HeartMath Certified Practitioner - HeartMath, 2023

Ready to start your Return to Health?

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