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Functional Medicine

The most comprehensive form of care we offer. Dive deep to uncover the root cause of your health challenges.

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Chiropractic Care

Focus on your physical well-being. A great place to start your Return to Health.

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Spiritual & Emotional Support

Learn to manage stress and balance your emotions to become resilient in everything you do.


Insurance companies determine the level and type of care covered based heavily on a model which prioritizes disease management over Health promotion. At Conduit Holistic Health, your Health is our top priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to determine the appropriate care on an individual basis rather than based on insurance providers’ requirements. If we had chosen to accept insurance as a form of payment, we would be extremely limited in our ability to offer this type of care, therefore we operate as a cash based practice.


Start Your Return
to Health


– Comprehensive Health Analysis (75min)

Begin your holistic wellness journey with our Comprehensive Health Analysis at Conduit Holistic Health. This personalized 60 to 75-minute session combines medical history, food journal analysis, and review of medical records to establish a baseline health status backed by objective data. Our skilled physician provides tailored nutritional strategies, supplement suggestions, and advanced testing recommendations, empowering you throughout your journey. As you leave, equipped with newfound knowledge and support, you'll feel confident and empowered in your path towards optimal well-being.



Ongoing Support


– 30min Consult


– 45min Consult


– 60min Consult


– 75min Consult



Start Your Journey
to Alignment


This all-encompassing session includes a thorough examination of your musculoskeletal health, precise manual adjusting, and soft tissue treatment. Guided by our skilled practitioner, this visit provides the essential foundation for your personalized chiropractic treatment plan. While this is a one-time visit, we offer ongoing care with individualized recommendations for single adjustments, guiding you towards renewed alignment and well-being.

Dr. Clay evaluating a male patient during a Chiropractic visit.

Chiropractic Consultation (45min)


Maintain Alignment & Balance 


– Chiropractic Adjustment (15min)

This focused session encompasses a precise chiropractic adjustment complemented by somatic exploration. Guided by our skilled practitioner, experience the transformative power of alignment as we restore balance to your body. This visit serves as a vital component of your ongoing care, promoting vitality and harmony. Prepare for your session by wearing comfortable attire, and embrace the journey toward renewed well-being.

Dr. Clay adjusting the neck of a female patient during a Chiropractic visit.


Cultivate Lasting Peace & Ease


Embark on a revitalizing 45-minute HeartMath session at Conduit Holistic Health. Guided by our expert practitioner, this session combines science-based techniques with heart-focused exercises to enhance emotional resilience and coherence. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of self-regulation, fostering inner balance and well-being. Experience the power of heart-centered practices as you tap into your body's natural intelligence, leaving with a renewed sense of peace and ease.

Dr. Clay teaching a female patient Heart Math technique.

– HeartMath Session (45min)

Heart Math Certified Practitioner Logo


Release Limiting
Beliefs & Emotions


– EFT Session (45min)

Immerse yourself in a transformative 45-minute Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session at Conduit Holistic Health. Guided by our skilled practitioner, this experience blends ancient Chinese philosophy with modern psychology to address emotional imbalances and promote healing. Discover a profound sense of release and empowerment as you navigate your emotional landscape, paving the way for renewed well-being.

Dr. Clay teaching a female patient Emotional Freedom Techniques.
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