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  • What is Functional Medicine?
    Functional medicine is a patient-centered, science-based approach to healthcare that focuses on uncovering the underlying causes of health concerns rather than simply addressing symptoms. At Conduit Holistic Health, we believe that true healing requires understanding the intricate connections within your body, mind, and environment. Functional medicine treats you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms, and aims to restore balance for lasting well-being.
  • How does Functional Medicine differ from traditional medical management?
    Unlike traditional medical practices that often focus on isolated symptoms and prescribe medications to manage them, functional medicine seeks to understand the root causes of your health concerns. Our approach involves in-depth analysis, comprehensive testing, and a deep exploration of your medical history, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. By identifying the underlying imbalances, we create personalized treatment plans that address the core issues, empowering your body's innate healing mechanisms.
  • How does Functional Medicine address the needs of our modern society?
    In today's fast-paced world, chronic health challenges have become increasingly prevalent. Our modern lifestyles, environmental toxins, stressors, and dietary choices have contributed to a rise in complex health issues that often go unresolved within the conventional medical framework. This is where functional medicine shines. It's a necessary response to the growing need for a more holistic and comprehensive approach to health, one that acknowledges the intricate interplay of factors affecting our well-being.
  • Why should I consider Functional Medicine?
    1. Personalized Care Your health journey is unique, and functional medicine recognizes that. We tailor our approach to your individual needs, creating treatment plans that align with your body's specific requirements. 2. Root Cause Resolution Instead of masking symptoms, we delve deep to uncover the root causes of your health issues. By addressing these underlying imbalances, we help you achieve sustainable healing. 3. Collaborative Partnership At Conduit Holistic Health, we believe in partnering with you on your healing journey. We empower you with knowledge, tools, and support, giving you an active role in your health. 4. Preventive Approach Functional medicine not only treats existing issues but also emphasizes prevention. By identifying potential concerns before they manifest as symptoms, we guide you toward long-term vitality. 5. Holistic Wellness We recognize that health extends beyond the physical. Our approach encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, acknowledging the profound impact of these aspects on your health. Functional medicine is a beacon of hope for those seeking answers and solutions in a healthcare landscape that often falls short. It's a revolutionary paradigm that aligns with the complexities of our modern lives, offering a path to true healing and optimal well-being.
  • Why is insurance not accepted?
    At Conduit Holistic Health, we have chosen not to accept insurance as a form of payment. Our focus on health promotion through dietary strategies and lifestyle modifications often exceeds the scope of coverage provided by traditional insurance models. Insurance companies typically reimburse at a level that doesn't align with the comprehensive care we offer, focusing instead on brief disease management. This limits coverage for the in-depth services integral to our approach.
  • Why am I charged for follow-up consultations?
    We charge an hourly rate for follow-up consultations because our practitioners dedicate substantial time to discuss test results and tailor treatment plans. Advanced functional medicine tests require detailed interpretation in order to link lab findings to patients’ health concerns. Additionally, personalized dietary and lifestyle strategies require complex preparation. Our practitioners invest significant time in interpreting these tests and preparing for consultations, ensuring the utmost quality of care and precision.
  • How are the fees I’m charged used?
    It's essential to clarify that our fees contribute to sustaining the practice's operations and supporting ongoing education for our practitioners. Contrary to common misconceptions, these fees are not solely for the practitioner but also ensure the practice maintains the highest standards of functional medicine and chiropractic care. We're dedicated to providing top-quality care and continuously advancing our expertise for our patients' benefit.

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