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Pillars of Practice

At Conduit Holistic Health our approach to optimal wellness is built upon six foundational pillars. These pillars represent the interconnected aspects of your health that we focus on to create a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Utilizing these pillars as a roadmap, we target the root causes of your health concerns and guide you on a transformative journey: Return to Health and lasting well-being.


These six pillars are the guiding principles that shape our approach to optimal wellness. At Conduit Holistic Health, we recognize the intricate connections between these pillars and their profound impact on your well-being. By addressing each of these areas with personalized care, we empower you to embrace your journey toward lasting health and vitality.

& Elimination

The cornerstone of wellness is your gastrointestinal system. Proper digestion, efficient nutrient absorption, and effective elimination are essential for overall well-being. At Conduit Holistic Health, we identify imbalances and address digestive distress to lay the foundation for optimal health. By optimizing gut function, we empower your body to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins, and promote lasting well-being.

& Immunity

Inflammation lies at the heart of many chronic health conditions. Our focus on inflammation and immunity aims to rebalance your body's responses, reducing chronic inflammation and enhancing your natural defense mechanisms. By supporting the immune system, we support your body's ability to heal, protect, and thrive.

Hormonal Regulation

Hormones play a pivotal role in orchestrating your body's functions. Imbalances can lead to a cascade of health challenges. Through personalized analysis and treatment, we work to restore hormonal equilibrium. By addressing the intricate interplay of hormones, we help you regain stability, energy, and vitality.

Energy Production & Detoxification

The modern world exposes us to a barrage of toxins that can hinder our well-being. Detoxification is essential for cleansing your body and optimizing function. Our approach focuses on supporting your body's natural detox pathways, enabling gentle, efficient removal of harmful substances. By promoting detoxification, we facilitate your Return to Health and well-being.

Structural Integrity

Your physical well-being is closely tied to the alignment and balance of your body's structure. Conduit Holistic Health is committed to structural integrity through chiropractic care, somatic exploration, and appropriate exercise practices. We address muscular imbalances, alleviate discomfort, and promote free movement. By fostering structural harmony, we empower you to move through life with ease.

Spiritual & Emotional Balance

True well-being extends beyond the physical realm. Spiritual and emotional well-being are integral to your overall health. Our techniques, including Emotional Freedom Techniques and HeartMath, guide you toward emotional awareness, resilience, and balance. By nurturing your spiritual and emotional self, Conduit Holistic Health supports your Return to Health and lasting well-being.


Chiropractic Care with Somatic Exploration

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Advanced Diagnostic Testing Guided by FBCA

Nutritional Intervention
& Coaching

HeartMath for Emotional Resilience

Lifestyle Guidance for Sustainable Change

Thorough Medical
History Evaluation

Holistic Physical Exam

Emotional Freedom


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